Who we are

rapidBizApps is the leading provider of productivity software for mining and oil & gas companies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and trusted by dozens of the industry's leading companies, rBA offers a family of workforce apps, including flagship product groundHog, to help customers accelerate their digital transformation. Get your free trial of an rBA product today.

What makes us unique

  • UI/UX design and mobile app development under one roof
  • Cross-platform experience with Objective C and Swift (Apple), Java (Android), and .NET (Windows) for devices of all sizes
  • Solution acceleration with a vast library of scalable components and design patterns
  • Process built on methodologies that deliver concrete results
  • Around-the-clock support and maintenance services

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    Our Founding Mission

    Established on January 1,  2013, rapidBizApps started as a small team of professionals passionate about making mobile work for companies of all sizes. Today, we are 80 people strong serving clients across the globe.

    Since our inception, our mission has been to help businesses harness the growing power of mobile computing by building apps that solve business problems and simplify tasks.

    Today, our digitization solutions power some of the world’s largest manufacturing and mining companies to streamline operations, cut overhead costs, and create smarter workplaces.

    Our technical capabilities include:

    • Mobile app development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows devices
    • Intuitive design
    • Strategy consulting and program management
    • Support and maintenance

    Enterprise Integration

    Our apps and solutions integrate with enterprise software and leverage cloud-based services


    Our Leaders

    Apps have become essential tools because they enable organizational efficiency, increase customer engagement, streamline operational workflow and, in most cases, reduce costs. Mobile apps have demonstrated they can deliver the impact that a business needs to compete in today’s increasingly digitized environment.

    The CEO of rapidBizApps, Satish has amassed broad experience applying technology to solve business problems – especially in Mining, Construction and Manufacturing. He co-founded the company with a mission to help Enterprises push productivity boundaries using Mobile Technologies, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things. Always forward-looking, Satish and his team are conducting R&D on Telemetry and Machine Learning.

    Satish is an innovator and a problem-solver. He is credited with 2 patents for performance improvements to Enterprise Class Storage Subsystems and for performance improvements to large-scale web crawling and data mining infrastructures at IBM Research. In addition, he has led teams at Mendocino Software and NetApp, where he applied his skills to improve operational efficiencies.

    Satish holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Mobile computing is not just the future of information access and connectivity; it’s already in the palms of your hands and those of your customers. Harness the power of mobile to play in today’s digital world, which is faster, smaller, smarter and interconnected. Let’s take this journey together!

    Krishna is the CTO and a co-founder of rapidBizApps. A qualified technology geek and veteran app developer, Krishna has been building apps since the iPhone was introduced.

    Krishna launched his career as a data migration engineer at Embarcadero Technologies Inc., where he designed software that integrated data across heterogeneous databases. After earning a master’s in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University, Krishna pursued software engineering at Actify Inc. He quickly was promoted to Director of Engineering and led teams of engineers.

    In the ensuing years, Krishna merged his knowledge of conventional and modern engineering to solve complex problems for a variety of industries, culminating in his co-founding of rapidBizApps. As our CTO, Krishna leads engineering and design teams charged with building cost-effective mobile solutions to solve complex problems in mining, construction and other industries.

    rapidBizApps is now GroundHog Apps.

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