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What is groundHog?

groundHog is a mobile fleet management system optimized for underground mines. Designed to work out of the box, groundHog controls production, tracks and schedules the workforce, and delivers deep insights to increase process efficiency. Leverage groundHog to build a mine that is highly efficient, safe and profitable.


Who uses groundHog?

groundHog for Underground Mine Operator

Mine operators

groundHog helps mine operators harness the power of mobile technology to gain visibility into the underground mine cycle. Specifically, operators can see their tasks and report in-shift progress while they make impactful adjustments in real-time.


Mine supervisors

groundHog’s advanced reporting helps supervisors drive higher process efficiency throughout the mine. In addition, mine supervisors can enable better safety inspections, eliminate mine downtime, and manage fleet remotely.

This is how it works



Create a new schedule

Supervisors or managers can quickly create schedules for every operator role in the mine, including themselves, using the command center or the groundHog command mobile companion.

groundHog-Transmitting New Schedule


Transmit new schedule to fleet

After a schedule is created, you can transmit it to various devices in your fleet. Because groundHog features powerful Short Interval Control (SIC) systems, you can transmit schedules according to mine operator shifts.

groundHog-Operators Schedule


Operators complete assigned schedule

After operators log onto groundHog, they see their schedule for the shift or the day. Operators work by following the schedule and update their progress on the app.



Monitor from the command center

View powerful dashboards containing data and actionable insights that enable mine managers or supervisors to easily monitor mine progress from the command center. Supervisors can also get updates for specific tasks using groundHog's command mobile companion.

Discover features that power better mining

Learn how groundHog's features enable full digitization of your mining life cycle.


Enhanced production scheduling

groundHog's cutting-edge scheduling imports long-range schedule and “tunable parameters” from your production plan. A capability matrix identifies skill and effectiveness index, identifies and matches operator to the most effective equipment, and creates shift task lists for supervisors to review and dispatch. Supervisors and managers derive insights from KPIs and reports to drive optimization.


Digitized data collection

Recording and capturing data on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, enable quick operational assessments from the command center, streamline health and safety inspections, and support compliance with environmental impact regulations. groundHog works with tablets and screens of all sizes.


Automated equipment and work-site inspections

Tracking and analyzing equipment performance is crucial to consistent mine performance. groundHog's customizable digital inspection process ensures precise auditing. Reports, which integrate with back-end systems, can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Digital fleet inspections work with production scheduling and location tracking to empower mines to keep their equipment running at 100 percent.


Real-time location tracking

groundHog integrates with next-level technology to track the precise location of equipment, helping to optimize current shifts and plan upcoming shifts. Integrated with the production scheduling and control system, groundHog's real-time location tracking system integrates with a GPS transponder overlaying real-time location information of equipment over a navigation display.


Interfaces tailored for operation type

To optimize performance, operators must be empowered to understand the impact they create in real-time. Our team understands that a modern underground mining solution must optimize clicks (or taps) required to perform an action or reach a goal. groundHog re-invents and simplifies the user experience for every operator type to power your mine to remain at the cutting edge of production control, efficiency, and safety.


Analytics and intelligence

Outputs from equipment and infrastructure are integrated to deliver insights. groundHog's intelligent analytics system presents miners with easy-to-understand data, empowering operations to optimize plans. Using machine learning, analytics systems understand your mine. For example, they help automatically dispatch a renewed schedule after disturbances in underground mining operations.

Plug-and-Play Mine Digitization Software

Although groundHog works out of the box, it can also be fully customized to meet your mining and process requirements. Check out our product screenshots.

Bolter Interface
Jumbo Interface
Loader Interface
Haul Truck Interface
Shortcrete interface

Technology integrations

groundHog has adapters that offer smooth integrations with Deswik's modules, such as Deswik.Sched, Deswik.IS, Deswik.OPS, and many more.

By using open APIs to integrate with other industry-standard software, groundHog is a full end-to-end solution for the mining life-cycle.

groundHog makes mine management, scheduling, and operations faster, easier and sharper than ever.

Digital keeps mining uninterrupted

  • Optimize scheduling, material and equipment flow
  • Track and maintain performance in real-time
  • Anticipate and equip team to deal with failures
  • Achieve better actuals versus plans
  • Get more productivity, and safer operations
  • Develop targeted strategies
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