Significantly Improve Operational Efficiency and Profitability with the Power of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

rapidBizApps helps hard-hat companies observe, monitor and predict risk in areas of project safety, productivity, and quality.


In the industries such as mining, Digital Change Management Services By rapidBizApps oil & gas, construction, and manufacturing where improving efficiency and productivity is crucial to profitability, even small improvements in yields, speed and efficiency can make an extraordinary impact. With the huge volumes of data generated by these industries, incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to optimize production workflows, operation efficiency and not to mention workplace safety is vital.

Machine Learning and AI-based technologies aid companies to make more accurate decisions faster, improve health and safety, boost efficiency and ensure human errors are almost negligible, all while helping create smaller environmental footprints.


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    Use world-class data science to generate actionable ideas that optimize your equipment’s productivity, maximize efficiency, and cut spending on fuel & consumables. Leveraging the power of ML and AI as competitive business drivers the hard-hat companies can:

    • Re-optimize the shift plan of various operational activities for overall productivity when an unplanned event occurs.
    • By continuous monitoring of equipment sensor activity, the self-improving predictive algorithm helps prevent the breakdown of mobile equipment saving hours and hours of downtime on machinery.
    • Predict bottlenecks in real-time during the operations.
    • Find trends in occurrences that lead to risks, accidents or injuries, that also allow personnel and management team to assess and comprehend where their safety standards are missing.
    • Find trends in the variance of productivity. This can assist in planning activities and time management as it highlights regions where immediate improvement is possible.

    Predective Maintenance and Analytics

    Maintenance costs and unexpected breakdowns can affect your overall productivity and operational efficiency severely.


    Our predictive maintenance and analytics programs help monitor your equipment’s present situation to better anticipate when maintenance should take place. Compared to time-based maintenance programs, this methodology saves you time and money, since maintenance is performed only when required but before unplanned breakdowns can happen. Advantages Include

    • Reduced maintenance downtime
    • Reduced production outages due to maintenance
    • Reduced cost of spare parts and supplies

    Production Optimization

    Throughput and tonnage. The analytics application enables mine operators to monitor throughput, efficiency, and tonnage, viewing the root cause of lower yields and throughput on a near real-time basis.

    On-Time supply. Our system enables the client’s procurement team to monitor and improve the availability of supplies reflected by the OTIF (on-time in full) metric, with an ability to predict parts availability in advance, to reduce unplanned downtimes, thereby increasing production.

    Intelligent Scheduling

    Intelligent Scheduling from rapidBizApps provides flexible, configurable workforce management software that helps you capitalize on the revenue opportunities you’ve missed in the past.

    Together with sophisticated optimization skills, our dispatching and scheduling feature support organizations streamline and improve field service, cut expenses, and tap into service-related revenue opportunities quickly.