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What is waterSense?

waterSense Logo​Water quality management is of incredible importance to both open-pit and underground mines. Using data loggers and sondes, mines can monitor water around the mine. While the process itself may not be complicated, the scheduling aspect can make it challenging to keep up with and properly log inspections. waterSense allows for easy digital scheduling and assigning of inspections.

Once assigned, inspectors use the waterSense app to perform inspections digitally, where waterSense will calculate a recommendation on how to proceed. With waterSense, inspections can be performed digitally and the waterSense algorithms will automatically make recommendations on how to proceed. Ir replacements or repairs are warranted, work orders can be generated at the press of a button.



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    Proactivity Now, Savings Later

    It can be easy to let water quality fall by the wayside until it becomes an apparent problem. By then it’s too late. That’s why being proactive in your water quality management is critical. A huge part of proactivity lies in staying on top of maintenance at all times and providing yourself with the best information possible to empower quality decision making. That’s why you need waterSense. waterSense provides users with automated reports and recommendations that allow supervisors to make quality decisions, 100% of the time. Of course, scheduling is also a big part of staying proactive. That’s why waterSense has a simple, powerful built in scheduling interface. Using this interface supervisors can review data and use it to assign inspections and work that technicians need to conduct. The waterSense mobile app ensures that all the information that needs to be shared between supervisors and technicians becomes available to both parties instantly.  This includes work orders, hazards, inspection data and anything else relevant to your water quality management.

    waterSense Mobile

    waterSense Tab Perspective

    With waterSense, inspections can be performed more accurately and efficiently than ever. With waterSense mobile, technicians can perform inspections directly from the app, making them available to supervisors immediately. Additionally, waterSense mobile will calculate if a replacement or repair is needed. If it is deemed necessary, technicians can instantly schedule a work order to remedy the problem as soon as possible. All from the app.

    waterSense Desktop

    waterSense Desktop Perspective

    ​From waterSense desktop, the headache of scheduling water sensor inspections becomes incredibly simple. The dashboard allows for quick and easy assignments and live progress tracking. Supervisors shouldn’t have to waste time on scheduling out inspections, now they can divert their energy to what’s important.

    Automated Replacement Recommendations

    Automated Replacement Recommendations

    The waterSense algorithm automatically recommends replacements based on inspection data when they become necessary.

    Simple Scheduling Interface

    Simple Scheduling Interface

    Scheduling regular inspections is a headache, but waterSense’s simple interface makes scheduling and notifying technicians a breeze.

    Automatically Generated Reports

    Automatically Generated Reports

    Technicians classify each sensor for reporting and the system automatically generates appropriate reports.

    Digital Inspections

    Digital Inspections

    Conducting Inspections digitally means that Supervisors have access to data immediately and appropriate work orders can be scheduled instantly. rapidBizApps is now GroundHog Apps.