Why Us

Our vision is to see every mine, oilfield and construction site digitized. This vision drives our mission to bring bleeding-edge technology to our customers to significantly improve productivity and safety across all of our customer sites. Our products and services were first conceived, produced and tested by some of the finest hard-hat folks from the mines of Nevada, to the Oil Fields of Texas and Oklahoma.

Our customers and partners love us because our products are SIMPLE and SECURE and our support is AMAZING! And above all, our customers save money. Real Solutions for Real People that will take your production levels to a level that were previously impossible.

We're More Than Just Developers

groundHog-Fleet-Management-SoftwareWe wear hard hats, steel toe shoes, safety glasses, and reflective vests. And we spend most of our time living in the shoes of our customers. And that means dragging ourselves out of bed at 3:00 am to get to a mine site, prep, attend line-outs, get into cattle-cars and head underground while the world is still asleep. We understand the pain our users go through. And we record every idea our miners, oilers, and crewmen express and use that to shape our products and our product roadmaps.

So when you talk about jumbos, jammers, muck piles, pigs, kick-off-points, skidding the rigs, and Christmas trees, we know what you are talking about.

It helps to work with folks that get it. And that is what you get when you work with us.


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    rapidBizApps Why Us Time is Money

    Time is Money

    Our customers’ value time. Big time (no pun intended). Our solutions focus on eliminating Muda (wastage in the Toyota Production Control system) in all hard hat operations. Our software and services help our customers save time.

    We typically onboard our customers in a few minutes. Even groundHog, our Enterprise Class SIC and Fleet Management System, takes less than a week for a full deployment – compare this to the 4-6 months it takes to implement a Fleet Management System at a medium-size mine.

    In an industry where IRR (Internal Rate of Return for the uninitiated) rules, our portfolio of products have some of the highest, if not the highest, IRR in the industry.

    rapidBizApps Why Us Safety

    Safety is Paramount

    We strongly believe that every worker deserves to go back home safely. That is why all of our products focus heavily on worker training, awareness and workplace safety. And we make it extremely easy for everybody at a site to have access to all pertinent information all the time.

    Global Reach

    Our commitment to the hard hat industries doesn’t stop at the border. With offices in the US, India, and Singapore, as well as partners around the world, we are poised to bring digitization to anyone, anywhere. We believe safety and productivity are universal, that’s why we will translate our software into any language you need.

    More for Less

    We provide best-in-class software at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. By working with us, you’ll save money on your purchase, save time with our quick integration and save even more by actually using the software. Our products can cut your operation costs by up to 25%, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

    We #getStuffDone

    We’ve Been There. Done That.

    We’ve digitized many hard-hat operations over the years. We wrote the book on digitizing hard-hat operations. Literally.

    We stand by the quality of all of our product.s And if sh*t ever hits the fan, we are there to support you at all times. Just talk to any of our customers about the incredible support we provide — irrespective of the type of question you have.

    And, it is hard to surprise us — like we’ve said before, we’ve been there, done that.

    rapidBizApps is now GroundHog Apps.