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Mine Operators and Mining Contractors use groundHog to move more dirt. Faster. Safer. Optimized for Underground Mines

groundHog empowers frontline supervisors and operators to maximize mining intensity, safely. groundHog combines a powerful shift planner with mobile operator interfaces that help Operations Centers actively track the production progress and manage downs and delays that impact shift production goals. groundHog’s proprietary peer-to-peer technology enables supervisors and operators to make data-driven decisions at the face.

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groundHog-Integrated Short Interval Control and Fleet Management Software
Fleet management System for small mines, quarries, and aggregates.


quarryHog-Simple, powerful Small Mine, Quarry and Aggregate Management Software Logo

Small mine and Quarry operators use quarryHog to track haulage, availability, and utilization and meet blend requirements for the mill.

quarryHog optimizes production and maximizes utilization by leveraging real-time data and GPS tracking. It also boosts safety, as it boasts a sleek digital inspection system that allows for high-level maintenance ops. Not only does this increase safety, but it also allows for quarries to get the absolute most out of their equipment.

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Fleet management System for small mines, quarries, and aggregates.

Digital Health & Safety Audits and Preventative Maintenance Workflows

rapidInspectApp-Digital Inspections App for Hard-Hat Industry

Safety Managers use rapidInspect to perform workplace and equipment exams, safety audits and schedule preventative maintenance inspections.

rapidInspect generate regulatory compliant records automatically and has fully integrated safety shares and geographic hazard tracking feature to promote widespread safety culture in the workplace.

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Empower your team to manage inspections, safety and quality efficiently.
Safety Training & Documentation for OSHA and MSHA Compliance

OSHA & MSHA Safety Training Management System

cerTrax-Safety Training & Compliance Management System

Safety Directors and Trainers use cerTrax to plan, schedule and perform training and generate OSHA and MSHA compliant documents.

cerTrax is used by Safety Managers and Trainers to conduct workplace training and issue OSHA compliant certificates and MSHA compliant 5000-23s on the training site and maintain track of training records for Job & Site Safety and regulatory compliance.

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Safety Training & Documentation for OSHA and MSHA Compliance

Solutions and capabilities for abetter digital transformation.

rapidBizApps-IoT and Blockchain Solutions for Hard Hat Industry

IoT and Blockchain

rapidBizApps offers its clients the ability to manage large volumes of data at high speed & transform them into accurate, varied & viable information within the context of the user’s operation so that they can analyze its processes, make the most optimal decisions and reduce its costs through operational intelligence.

rapidBizApps-AI and Machine Learning Solutions for Hard Hat Industry

AI and Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI-based technologies aid companies to make more accurate decisions faster, improve health and safety, boost efficiency and ensure human errors are almost negligible, all while helping create smaller environmental footprints.

BI Dashboards & Analytics for Hard Hat Industry

BI and Analytics

rapidBizApps BI Dashboards and Analytics is the answer to the challenge presented by ‘big data’ in the hard-hat industry. Data can be captured from any sources to be analyzed, visualized, and displayed in real-time. It also helps users monitor operations in real-time to drive millions worth of additional production.

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