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What is rapidInspect?

rapidInspect is a Safety Analytics and Digital Inspection App that helps mines meet MSHA’s digital recordkeeping requirements. Easy to implement in as little as 15 minutes, rapidInspect performs inspections, records hazards and sends alerts using a tablet or mobile phone to Miners and/or their Supervisors. Corrective action is promptly taken. Workplace exam records are readily available to Mine Managers in compliance with MSHA rules. Mine Managers are also given powerful safety analytics and geographic hazard viewing to swiftly boost mine safety. rapidInspect was created on the principle that safety should extend beyond mere compliance.

Who uses rapidInspect?

rapidInspect Persona: Health & Safety Personnel

Using a mobile phone or tablet, Health & Safety Personnel regularly inspect the workplace areas to investigate the area of any hazards or risks of severe injury or harm to any person. They immediately communicate the hazard or potential hazard through real-time messaging and notifications via the rapidInspect platform to mine manager and other stakeholders so that they can promptly take corrective actions. Mine managers are then able to view real-time safety analytics to better understand how to prevent future safety hazards.

rapidInspect Persona: Miners & Supervisors

Miners and/or their Supervisors perform a site and equipment inspection to identify hazards or areas that need improvement. Users can take photographs using a mobile device to supplement inspections. The user classifies each item for reporting, and the system automatically generates reports. Each hazard or condition is seamlessly communicated to the personnel or team accountable for taking corrective actions. From the dashboard, supervisors are able to easily schedule corrective action or place work orders.

Form Builder

Supervisors or Inspection Team Leads use this powerful, easy-to-drag tool. With formBuilder, miners can capture required information, upload media, and ensure inspections are thorough and up-to-date. Never miss compliance at any step!

Form Builder Software rapidInspect
Workplace Inspection App for Mining Operations

Digital Workplace Inspections

Improve the quality and accountability of mine inspections with a fully digital inspection process. Mine Managers and Supervisors can create a fully customized digital inspection template or use existing inspection templates and share it with their crew.

Hazard Detection & Notifications

Identify & document the hazards and instantly communicate critical issues or severe injury risks in real- time to the team to prevent productivity stalling. Hazards are then mapped geographically to give supervisors a 360 degree view of safety around the mine, allowing them to allocate resources in the most efficient way possible to increase the overall safety of the workplace.

Tracking Hazards and Fixes - Dashboard

A complete solution for equipment and worksite inspections:

Digital Inspections & Hazard Notifications

Digital inspection &hazard notifications

Prompt Responses to Hazards to Improve Safety

Prompt responses tohazards to improve safety

Drives Compliance

Drives compliance

Real-Time Messaging and Notifications via rapidInspect Platform

Real-time messaging andmanual notification to miners

MSHA Compliant Health and Safety Audit

Maintains digital inspection logs for auditing

Completes workplace inspections 75% faster

Completes workplaceinspections 75% faster

rapidInspect-Perform Inspections App Preview


rapidInspect-Record Hazards App Preview


rapidInspect-Notifications App Preview


rapidInspect-Notifications App Preview


Take control of your inspections and meet MSHA’sdigital record keeping requirements.

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